frequently asked questions

1. What’s the difference between DRIVADS and traditional advertising?

DRIVADS generates qualified large-expense respondents ( who provided their contact information ) and are asking for a consultation at an average of 2 per day. Traditional ads slowly build a business' credibility and slowly produce leads. This through a consistent investment over a long period of time. 

2. Does a DRIVAD video-ad have my business name?

No, DRIVADS focuses the video-message on paint points and urges the viewer to provide their contact information right there. This, so you can contact them for an appointment or consultation. You also avoid proofing before publication.

3. Where do DRIVADS show up?

They show up on the internet in English and Spanish wherever the ideal prospect with the profile you need is watching on their phones or computers.

4. Can I show a video-message longer than 60 seconds?

Yes, you can show a video-message of up to 30 minutes. Production of these is available at a production cost. Or we can use your own. Unlimited production of generic, up to 60 sec. video-messages is included at no cost.

5. Can I change the video-message?

Yes. You can change the type of offer you promote as many times as you wish. For example: a cosmetologist may run a botox offer for 1 week, then change to a cool-sculpting offer for 2 weeks, then close the month with a laser skin rejuvenation promotion.

6. How do I know it's working, and can I cancel?

You'll know immediately DRIVADS is working because you receive daily contact information of respondents asking for a consultation. And yes, you can cancel anytime. However, DRIVADS are so flexible that we keep optimizing them for continued client generation. 

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