how do we do it?

DRIVADS are persuasive, two-way, 30-second to 30-minute video-messages targeted at ideal candidates in your business' vicinity. Persons are always prompted to 'click' to provide their contact information. We send you a daily list of inquiring and excited respondents who you'll contact for appointments or quotes.

the technology behind drivads..

DRIVADS uses the best qualities of the web to attract a qualified clientele: 1. The immediate results of paid search. 2. The credibility of content advertising. 3. The presence of social media. They appear on popular platforms like msn, yahoo, instagram, you-tube, facebook and others.

We'll learn your goals, research your target demographics and put together persuasive video-messages aimed at prospects with the right psychographics. We run these video-messages on the platforms where your best client candidates are. And we consistently improve targeting and change the video-messages for consistent results. You'll receive daily contact information for the persons choosing an appointment or quote .

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